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After Semana Santa: Tips to Bounce Back Fast

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There is no vacation that never ends. Children go back to school, teachers return to teach at the school, parents are busy to prepare everything necessary for their children and work.

Do you know that feeling of being tired and unhappy by the end of the first work day? It’s almost like you didn’t have a vacation at all. That means you are suffering from the post-vacation blues.

Here are a few tips to ease the re-entry into your regular life after Semana Santa vacations.

1. Plan a Smooth Return
A vacation is meant to be relaxing, but it can create post-vacation stress. Careful planning certainly can help the vacation itself go smoother. You should plan to be back one or two days before you start your daily routine. That way you have time to unpack, do laundry, buy groceries and get your kids ready for school

2. Watch Sleep
During vacations, kids and parents stay up late at nights and wake up late. This will affect yours and your children’s sleep when you are back into your everyday activities. You and your children should get to bed at a reasonable hour, and get some exercise, which will help you sleep and get rid of your sleep debt.

3. Eat Healthy and Exercise
Usually when you’re on vacation you eat out a lot, so when you come home, everyone is probably looking forward to having home-cooked meals and going on a diet. But if you stay at a timeshare condo with a full kitchen, you should definitely try to cook a few meals.

Very few people come back from vacation surprised that they haven’t gained weight, even though they’ve been eating out in restaurants, but the difference is that they did some exercise during their vacations. Walking at the beach, riding bicycles and using the gym will definitely help, too.

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