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Beach Wedding Destinations

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Beach Wedding Destinations and the Resorts Which Make them Memorable

One of the best places to be married is on the beach – in fact this is where I got married. It was a great wedding and it makes me smile every time I recollect. If you’ve thought about this, I must say, I highly recommend it to you, and perhaps you might like to consider some of the great beach resorts to get married on. You see, you are going to need accommodations for all your friends and family, and you’ll want them to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

There are many family beach resorts, which make great wedding locations. Let me mention just a few. How about Kauai Hawaii? Yes, Hawaii, why not? Kauai is not your run of the mill tourist island, it’s much more than that, and it is totally scenic from every angle, especially at the Pono Kai Resort – and what a great location to start your honeymoon too.

Maybe you should get married on the California Coast. How about Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort? The prices are pretty good, especially for California. There are lots of vacation rental room choices, and they cater to beach weddings at their resort. Maybe Florida might be closer for you and your loved ones to come to your new union. Perhaps, a beach wedding resort in Daytona Beach FL is more to your liking.

The Daytona Beach Regency is a way cool place, and it will make you proud. It’s a great family beach resort for just such an important occasion and life transitioning event. Make your marriage and life a beach, listen to those waves, can you hear me now; I Do!

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