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California Beach Vacation

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Isn’t it Time for Your Annual Family Beach Vacation in California?

Southern California has some of the best weather in the world all year long. It’s time you got out to enjoy it – why not do it in style at the beach? In fact, why not go all out and try out a Beach Resort vacation condo? Sound good? It may be a lot less expensive to stay in a beach timeshare rental than you could have ever imagined. But first, let’s pick a good beach, as California has lots of them, many of them quite famous indeed.

Well, first you’ll want to avoid the Paparazzi and the best way to do that is to find a family vacation rental location where those persnickety photographers won’t poison that pristine pacific paradise that California beaches are known for! What you need is perhaps a beach vacation rental upgrade this year. For instance you could consider the popular Southern California Beach Club or the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort. Maybe you want to try the world famous Coronado Beach for your family vacation this year – when was the last time you got away for a while, the whole family?

The Coronado Beach Resort is not too far from the famous US Navy Seal Training Camp. And once over the bridge, San Diego is filled with great restaurants and downtown attractions too. I like hanging out at Java Jones Coffee shops, and then taking a walk down by the marinas. San Diego Sea World is also a favorite. Back on Coronado Island you might like the Hotel Del Coronado’s famous Sunday Brunch, it’s magnificent, although the Coronado Beach Resort has everything you need right there if you just want to enjoy life without a care in the world and relax?

The Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort is completely affordable and let me tell you they’ve done a first class job in downtown Carlsbad, the shopping district is fantastic, sit outside for brunch, have a cocktail, soak in the fresh air and do a little shopping with all the money you are saving this year. Finding the perfect beach timeshare rental or beach vacation rental, might be a lot easier than you think.

The Southern California Beach Club and I know you are salivating just thinking about the name, well, lucky for you it lives up to that reputation, and then some. Watching that Sunset on the beach in Oceanside, CA is truly spectacular, and your family will never forget this year’s vacation get-away. I like to walk into town and thank the US Marines for their services, and grab a giant bad of onion rings at the popular restaurant. Oceanside is a cool place and the Southern California Beach Club is the coolest place in town.

Perhaps, a beach timeshare rental is in your near future, best of all you can book your reservation online. Why not treat you and your family to a first class beach resort vacation this year? Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll look really good doing it! No wonder everyone loves California, life really is a beach.

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