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Cruise over the Hoover Dam in a sleek Ferrari

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Some individuals may visit Las Vegas, Nevada, with the goal of winning money to buy their dream car. Whether or not they make enough to purchase a brand new Ferrari, they still have an opportunity to drive some of the world’s most luxurious automobiles before they come home.

Travelers who are staying in Las Vegas condo rentals can make their way to World Class Driving, a company that is ready to put customers behind the wheel of their favorite cars.

Several road tours are available to those who have always wanted to know what it feels like to cruise along in a Ferrari 458, or turn the corner in a sleek Jaguar XKR-S. During the three-hour Red Rock Supercar Tour, drivers go between the Las Vegas Strip and Red Rock Canyon three times, each in a different type of high-performance vehicle. The Hoover Dam Supercar Tour offers a similar experience, except that customers get to control four different cars and see one of the nation’s most famous landmarks in the process.

After seeing what type of driving experience they are missing out on, travelers staying at area condo rentals may walk away from World Class Driving with the incentive they need to try harder at those Las Vegas casinos.

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