ResorTime Travelers

Bonus Time Network FAQs

1) What is the Bonus Time Network?
a. has created a network of quality timeshare resorts and hotels who contractually agree to provide “Bonus Time” rates to any Owner whose resort of ownership is affiliated with the network.

2) Do I have to pay to become a member of the Bonus Time Network?
a. No, the basic Owner membership is free as long as you remain an Owner with your affiliated resort.
b. You do have the option of upgrading to Owner Premier which allows you discounts further in advance, automated wait listing and other discounts. The fee for this upgrade is $29.95, with a renewal fee of $22.50 as long as you remain a member. Owner Premier Members also receive a ResorTime membership directory and plastic membership card with your name on it.

3) How do I get a membership?
a. You can enroll on (provide link), you will be asked to create a member profile and password, and then establish your vacation preferences. You will be able to use this membership to book instantly.

4) Can I let my friends or family use my membership?
a. Yes, if you have others on your ownership. Anyone who is listed as an Owner can enroll in their own Owner Membership. Please note any additional owner members must show on your account through your home resort as verification of ownership is processed with your home resort.

b. These exclusive Bonus Time rates are available for Owners only. However you may book more than one room but must be there to check all rooms in your name in.

5) How do I book a stay within the Bonus Time Network?
a. You can book on line 24/7 through or you can call ResorTime’s Reservation Center. See your home page for your exclusive phone number.

6) What is the minimum night stay when using the Bonus Time Network?
a. Very few resorts require a minimum night stay. You will find the majority of the minimum night stays are going to be found over holiday weekends.

7) Do the Bonus Time rates change?
a. Yes, the Bonus Time rates will change seasonally. They may also be reduced as ResorTime’s inventory management team works to create special promotions.

8) Can I book the Bonus Time rate anytime there is availability?
a. The Bonus Time rates have a designated reservation window. This means you can book the Bonus Time rate no more than what the reservation window allows. Example: 30 Day Reservation Window, means you can book a stay between same day arrival and no MORE than 30 days prior to check in.
9) If a resort has a room available, do they have to give it to me on Bonus Time rates?
a. No, resorts work hard to provide as much availability as possible on Owner rates however there may be some rooms such as Owner Rentals which require a full rate be charged.

10) Do all Owners pay the same Bonus Time rate?
a. Most resorts provide a slightly lower Bonus Time rate when their Owners book at their home resort or resort group. Example: If you own at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, you may pay $80 when booking Carlsbad Inn. All other Owners would pay $100. This same room may sell to Non Owners for $200+ per night for the same night in the same room you are able to rent for $80-$100.

11) Can I book my Bonus Time Network reservations directly with the resort?
a. No, you are not guaranteed the network price if it is not booked through ResorTime’s Official Bonus Time Network Reservation Center.
b. The resorts are contracted with ResorTime to provide what is booked, at the rate booked at. ResorTime protects it’s customers and ensures Best Guarantee.
c. ResorTime is able to negotiate stronger discounts, based on volume. So make sure to always book your rentals through ResorTime in order to continue to receive these amazing rates!

12) Does ResorTime add fees on to the reservation?
a. No, ResorTime has never charged any booking fees for reservations.

13) Does ResorTime Charge Change Fees or Cancellation Fees?
a. No, ResorTime does not charge an fees for changing or cancellation of a reservation. ResorTime does however have to abide by the resorts cancellation policy, so will enforce any cancellation penalties required by the resort.

14) What if I get to the resort and they don’t have my room?
a. This is a rare situation, ResorTime handles rental reservations for hundreds of resorts and has many checks and balances in place to prevent this type of error.
b. In the event it happens guarantees the situation to be resolved promptly and directly with the booked Resort, on your behalf.
c. ResorTime has 24/7 emergency check in support should you have any problems when checking in or during your stay.

15) Is there a limit to how often I can book Bonus Time through the Network?
a. No, as long as it is available you can book as often as you like.