ResorTime Travelers

Exchange vs Bonus Time Network

1) What is the difference between the Bonus Time Network and Exchanging?
a. Bonus Time is a nightly rental, that doesn’t impact your timeshare use.

2) Can I bank and exchange my week through ResorTime?
a. No, ResorTime is a rental network providing nightly Bonus Time rentals only.

3) Whats the difference between Bonus Time and Bonus Weeks?
a. Many exchange companies such as RCI and II offer Bonus Weeks to their members which means they are entitled to an additional week of exchange.
b. Bonus Time is strictly a nightly rental, where as Bonus Weeks are strictly a week of exchange.

4) If I want to rent my week do I give it to ResorTime or my home resort company?
a. Currently ResorTime does not accept Owners weeks for rent. You would need to use your home resort company to place your unit for rent. As long as your resort is affiliated ResorTime would help to bring renters to your resort in order to fill your week with renters.

5) allows anyone to join, can non Owners get the same rate I do?
a. No, in order for a Bonus Time rate to be booked the user must be logged in as an Owner Member which would have required a home resort ownership verification.
b. Non Owners can join ResorTime, however they will only have access to General Public rates.