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How to use the Bonus Time Network

How would I use the Bonus Time Network?
You know once you stay in a Timeshare it is hard to go back to a hotel! Let’s hope you never have to!
1. Get away for a couple of nights on Bonus Time, and use timeshare on every getaway!
2. Add nights on to an exchange to extend your vacation a few extra days!
3. Create a family reunion! Book several rooms in your name and get your extended family together for a quality time getaway! It’s now a vacation for all!
4. Business Travel. Most resorts Bonus Time Network rates are within most companies nightly per diem. Enjoy the comforts of home even when you’re on the road!
5. Local “Staycations”, take your spouse out for an overdue night of romance and stay locally!
6. Road Tripping! On your way to another destination, check to see what resorts may be within your path and stop over for a night!