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Packing Tips for a Beach Vacation

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Packing tips for a beach vacation
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Packing for a beach trip may seem like a no-brainer, but here are a few tips that will not only save you money, but also save your precious vacation time, as well.

In addition to your basic travel needs such as clothes and toiletries, beach vacations require travelers to bring along certain items that you would not necessarily need to bring on other trips. First off, beach towels are a must. Regular size bath towels are not large enough to comfortably lie on while on the sand. If you are driving to your beach vacation, you should also consider bringing beach chairs and an umbrella.

Guests staying in timeshare units can pack less clothes, as most of these resorts provide guests with washers and dryers. Do, however, bring laundry detergent, if you are driving.

If your beach vacation is going to include snorkeling near a reef, think about packing biodegradable suntan lotions. These are required at many reef sites and can be extremely pricey if you purchase them at your destination, especially in foreign countries.

Because most beach accommodations don’t allow guests to check in until 3:00 pm or later, be prepared to hit the beach while you wait. Make sure and have a separate bag packed with bathing suits and towels for each person so that you won’t have to dig through every suitcase to find what you need to be beach ready.

Another packing tip that can help you save precious vacation time is to bring at least a day or two of staples if you are driving to your beach destination. This way you can avoid running to the grocery store at the exact same time as all of the other visitors to the area. Let’s face it, many beach accommodations rent from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday, meaning that everyone enters town and tries to stock up at the same time. If you can avoid the store by having enough provisions to keep you going until Monday, you won’t have to wait in long lines at the grocery store.

Remember, your beach vacation will be more enjoyable and cost you less both in time and money if you take the time to pack wisely.

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