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If you love to travel, I have a tip for you. You can save money by staying in a timeshare rental, vacation rental, or condo rental rather than trying to stay in a hotel. In fact, even if the hotel room is priced at an incredible discount, you’ll still end up spending way more money. I know this sounds counterintuitive so let me explain and enlighten you on a few reasons why.

First, if you stay in a hotel, you are going to have to eat out for each meal. If you raid the over-priced snack drawer or pay-to-play refrigerator those costs add up. Next thing you know, this extra cost adds another $10 a day, and you’ve spent a huge bundle on restaurants when you only wanted something simple. And we all know that if you eat out at a restaurant for every meal, you will get fat.

In the case of a timeshare vacation rental or condo rental you’ll have a full kitchen, and you can stock it with those things you like to eat. It’s a lot cheaper to hit a local grocery store once, than a restaurant for every meal. And you can choose smaller portions instead of having a plate full of expensive food shoved in front of you, making you more inclined to finish it all, every time you eat out.

Next, most condo rentals, and a good many timeshare vacation rentals can sleep a family of four, sometimes more with complete privacy. No “room service” banging on the door, or worries about cleaning people rummaging through your stuff while you are out. Peace of mind is nice, and why pay for such services you don’t want around each day of your stay?

Since timeshare resort rentals are really vacation units in clusters there are plenty of on-site activities, and they generally surpass all but the four and five star hotel amenities and concierge services, which are about equal in most cases. Also most all timeshare vacation rentals are located close to major attractions, if not right on top of them, as in literally out the front door or back sliding glass door.

These are just a few of the reasons why timeshare vacation rentals and condo vacations rentals are less costly over all even if the hotel room price is equal or close to the cost per day of the rental. The fact of the matter is; you get more bang for your buck with timeshare and condor vacation rentals. Go ahead sharpen your pencil, figure it out yourself – and you’ll to see what I am saying.

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