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What is a Timeshare?

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What is a Timeshare?
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Most people have been approached while on vacation by a salesperson offering to show them a timeshare unit. Many people decline the offer simply because they don’t want to waste any of their vacation time. Others simply dislike having to deal with sales pitches and walk away before they can even hear what the salesperson has to offer. So it is not surprising that many people still don’t know what a timeshare is or the advantages this type of accommodation arrangement offers travelers.

Timeshares are units being offered for sale by a resort for a certain period of time — such as a week or two weeks. In the past, purchasers would typically buy a certain week; for instance, the second week of June, which they would then use every year — as Batman would say, same Bat place, same Bat time. These units appeal to people who like to know that they will be going to the same room at the same place at the same time, year after year.

Some timeshares today use a point system, where an owner can buy a certain amount of points, which he can then use to purchase weeks at different resorts within a timeshare network. This system works best for people who enjoy a little variety in vacation destinations and don’t enjoy being locked into vacationing at the same time every year.

So people often ask why a timeshare over a hotel? A typical timeshare unit is similar to an apartment and features a living area, one to three bedrooms and a kitchen; whereas hotels are usually one small, cramped room. Timeshares usually also cost a lot less per week than a hotel room. In addition, most timeshare resorts offer lots of planned activities to keep guests happy.

With the various options available now, timeshare units just make sense for travelers — even those who once shied away from these types of vacations because they feared being locked into a set time and place.

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